Premium Cosmetics Brand – Vitis Cosmetics – Skin care straight from the vineyard

Marka kosmetyków premium - Vitis Cosmetics - pielęgnacja prosto z winnicy

Skin care straight
from the vineyard

Exceptional natural cosmetics based on natural resveratrol extracted from the grapevine we cultivate. We take the very best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer – the richest oils and the most effective active substances from remote corners of the world – and combine them with treasures from our own vineyard.

Nature is our key to beauty

Our first line of cosmetics, ResVera, has been created for conscious, demanding women searching for healthy, natural and luxurious skin care products and who want to provide their skin with everything it really needs.

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ResVera line

Micellar Water

ResVera line

Day cream

ResVera line


ResVera line

Eye cream

ResVera line

Eye serum

ResVera line

Face serum

ResVera line

Night cream



The elixir of longevity

Resveratrol is the most potent ingredient used in anti-ageing skin care. As an organic compound that belongs to the polyphenol family, it is one of the most powerful antioxidants.
It is the secret to longevity and the source of youth. It allows the grapevine to survive for up to 120 years.

Why us?

our values

  • raw materials from our own vineyard and from verified, certified sources
  • 100% natural, vegan active ingredients
  • 100% of raw materials sourced sustainably
  • preservatives approved by Ecocert for use in natural cosmetics
  • fully recyclable packaging
  • full transparency at every stage of the manufacturing process

Our history

The inspiration for our products was the grapevine that we cultivate and use to produce wine. We select only the very best grapes. Viticulture is our passion. We treat each plant with love and the utmost care. Nurturing our fruit and the philosophy we follow in the vineyard both inform care and acting in harmony with nature, which is reflected in our wines and unique cosmetics.

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