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What makes us unique?

We are present at every stage of our cosmetics’ manufacturing process. From cultivation of the grapevine and concentration on each grape, through the entire cosmetics’ manufacturing process, to the packaging of the finished products. All of these stages take place at our family vineyard and in our state-of-the-art laboratory. We want to have full control over the products that reach our customers and make sure that each bottle or jar contains the best quality product with the highest concentration of natural active ingredients.

We manufacture small batches, so that the customers can receive the freshest products possible. The basic ingredients in our cosmetics are resveratrol extracted from the fruit and our grape seed oil. We guarantee that we use only the very best, carefully selected fruit. Other raw materials are sourced exclusively from verified, certified suppliers located in remote corners of the world, including India, the Amazon rainforest, and Bolivia.

Our cosmetics contain:

  •  only natural, 100% vegan active ingredients, which are more effectively absorbed by the skin
  • high concentrations of active substances that produce immediate results, designed for women who do not want to waste time on a complicated skin care routine
  • top-quality, carefully selected raw materials from our own vineyard and from all over the world
  • carefully selected ingredients, tested and manufactured in compliance with European standards, sourced in an environmentally friendly way
  • packaging made of secondary and recyclable raw materials

Our cosmetics do not contain:

  •  parabens,
  • SLS,
  • glycols,
  • PEGs,
  • GMO,
  • mineral oils (petroleum derivatives),
  • artificial bulking agents,
  • artificial colourants,
  • artificial perfume compositions